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Aussie Travel Adventure is a platform that provides information about Australia. We advise you individually. This can mean presenting suitable offers from tour operators and travel agencies, but also putting together a route to suit individual requirements. Some destinations and promotions are available exclusively through Aussie Travel Adventure. In addition, on the portal, Australia enthusiasts will find tips such as exclusive travel destinations or insider tips for traveling to Australia.

Small budget but still don't want to give up the dream of Australia? It can be fulfilled with our tips and tricks in a personal consultation. Because we know the necessary tricks to make the journey of a lifetime out of a small travel budget.

We also offer extensive support in the areas of education, company set up and emigration.


Notice: We are working on the english translations for this website. If you find any content which is still only in German, please be patient with us. We would love to welcome you at another time. If you have any questions, you can also give us a call:

Australian mobile Number: +61 49 8500 437


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Independent Travel Consultant

We are neither a travel agency nor tour operator. We are independent travel consultants.  Through our own experiences in and with Australia we can set up very individual travel routes, those that aren’t on the main stream advertising in Germany.


The Aussie-Series

Feel the magic that is released alone when looking at a simple image of the "Uluru"? The wanderlust while looking at the great coastal road "Great Ocean Road"?

Stephanie Hiller from Bielefeld, Germany, CEO and creator of the Aussie Travel Adventure Portal, has travalled again through Australia. This time from August to October, all by herself with a camper, to fill this portal with content, to establish contacts and to discover interesting spots.

We always have our mission in mind: to protect the Australian culture, nature and history.